Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all the merriest and most blessed Christmas ever!

Take the time to spend with family and friends, far and near. We have so many opportunities to connect these days, and video chat can be the next best thing to being there when you're far away!  Let the people you love know that you care about them by taking the time to call, email, video, or even text.  The gift of your time is the best gift you can give. Yes, many of you have struggled to find just the perfect gift, and that's great but nothing compares to the time you give to those who are precious to you.

Take another moment to give thanks for all those people in your life, and focus on what you have that brings you joy.  As I sit and watch the sunrise on what promises to be a beautiful day in southern California, I am reminded that each day holds new hope. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here yet, even the rest of the day is still set before us but there is joy in the sunrise for every day holds a new promise.  All the problems and struggles of yesterday are over, and todays haven't happened yet. In the sunrise the day has promise, embrace it, then face whatever comes holding on to that joy, peace and hope.

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