Monday, September 3, 2012

Try Something New

I'm a big proponent of switching up your workout. You have to make changes every 4-6 weeks to keep progressing. I'm as likely as the next person to fall into a rut, especially if it's a workout routine that has worked well for me. When I find something like that, my idea of switching things up goes easily to increasing weight, height, or reps. That's somewhat sufficient, but certainly not optimal.

I have to say that I sometimes get bored with my routine, but not as often as most. I do a 6am workout before work and the routine portion of it is helpful and changing things can sometimes mess with my timing. Variety is a good thing, but so is getting to work on time ;)

Nevertheless, change has become necessary for me.  A recent trip to the Doctor confirmed what I pretty much was afraid of, that I had developed plantar fasciitis. Not that it had mistaken my attention - not being able to walk in the mornings, and being in pain throughout the day didn't really escape my attention, I was just in a bit of denial hoping that it was more an issue of over-training and needing to work on my form.  Now this Doctor thinks that means to stop running for 4 - 6 weeks in order to allow everything to heal properly.  Can I just tell you, that is not gonna happen! I have cut my mileage and days in half and will keep it at that while incorporating a dedicated stretching and massage routine as well as working on more of a fore-foot strike (which does actually seem to help). But stop running - no dear, I don't hardly think so!

He did actually order me to incorporate yoga into my routine. I think he doesn't understand how much stretching is in Pilates, which I already do a considerable amount of in addition to my weight training, but ok, I'll give it a try.

I have tried Yoga before, and I like it just fine, though I do prefer Pilates. Adding something new to an already intense workout plan is a challenge, and I haven't decided if this means I get to replace something or if this is an addition. Time will tell. For now, it's an addition.

Every time you make a change, your body will start to give you some pretty dramatic responses. Yoga doesn't burn a significant amount of calories, but the balance and stretching portion are valuable and I can already see some benefits. I noticed a considerable difference in the accessory muscle development when I changed my Pilates routine from mat work to chair work. I'm looking forward to a similar benefit by the addition of the yoga circuit.

For those of you who haven't tried it yet, and want to incorporate Yoga into your home workout program, I highly recommend the Wii Fit.

Yoga is balance based, and without proper instruction the poses can be difficult. The Wii Fit does a great job of guiding you through the poses, and the balance board is pretty amazing for sensing body positioning. I've had difficulties with the rechargeable battery pack. It's not very 'green' but I say stick with your standard alkaline batteries, you'll have less trouble. Stupid rechargeable pack misses most of my steps, push ups, and assorted other things that makes me look like a total slacker. Seriously, if I do 50 push ups and it tells me I did 7, what the heck is that about! and forget step aerobics, it thinks I'm in a coma half of the time.  Now I already know what I can do, but I don't like having an inaccurate record, even if no one sees it but me (except cartoon-trainer-guy)....ok, I'm a little competitive. BTW, it will also affect what 'challenges' are unlocked (or not) if you don't have an accurate count.

Try something new, you will see some great results, and I'll keep you posted on mine ;)

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