Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Employee vs Business Owner Mentality

Employee or Business Owner - Which are you?

Honestly, the vast majority of us fall somewhere in between, but there is a distinct difference. In our entrepreneurial society, many people want to own their own business, but do they truly have the mentality for it? If you do, you have that mentality whether you are working for yourself or working for someone else. I hear it said all the time, "it would be different if it were my own business." I doubt that.

Here are some classic traits of an Employee Mentality:
  • I work for a paycheck - period.
  • I do not give more than I have to, otherwise the company will take advantage of me.
  • They are lucky to have me.
  • They owe me because I work here; because they need me; because I'm better qualified; because, because, because, because, because...
  • I only do what is in my job description.
  • I only work the hours assigned. I will work overtime only when it suits me (and when I need the extra money).
  • I do not like change. We've always done (or we tried that before) and there's no reason to change.
Now look at the traits of a Business Owner Mentality
  • I work for the good of the business.
  • I give everything I have in order to grow the company.
  • I am lucky to have this opportunity.
  • I only receive the benefits of my effort, if I want more I have to work for it.
  • I do what is needed, regardless of my job description.
  • I work the hours necessary to complete the task, even if the overtime is an inconvenience.
  • I am open to change. I think outside the box and consider all options, whether we've tried it before or not, traditional or not, I am always looking to improve. 
Now, we all want and need our paycheck, and we are all working for that but for the employee, that is where it begins and ends. For the business owner, the money is the reward, not the substance. It is the end result of countless hours of effort, often uncompensated effort.

Are you willing to do what it takes to grow your business? Great! 

Are you still working for someone else? Hone those skills where you are, because if you're going to start your own business, it's better to take those fully developed skills into your new venture rather than try and flex those weak muscles when you branch out on your own.

Never plan to have your own business? Have an "Owner" mentality anyway, you will be the most valued employee in the company. Rewards follow. 

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