Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Partners in Success

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices, most of us already know what to do. There is so much information available, on TV, the internet, newspapers, magazines, it’s just everywhere. Little of it, after filtering through it all, conflicts. We all know that fad diets are dangerous and don’t work over the long haul. We’ve all heard what we should be eating and how we should be exercising. With all this good information available, why is it then that obesity is increasing in this country?

Well, simple carbs and empty calories are cheap and the economy is in the tank, so we sometimes make poor nutrition choices for the sake of the economy; however, that’s likely less of an issue than the real problem - motivation and support.

It is difficult to get and maintain motivation and hard to find long-term support. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it is hard to sustain that motivation and to find support that will last until you reach your goal. And reaching your goal is only the first step, maintaining it for at least a year is what will solidify your success and provide the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Sometimes we can’t find that internal motivation and we just need to realize that we need the help and support of a program, group, or health professional to guide us and provide the accountability that we need to keep motivated until we reach and sustain our goal. Programs are good in the short term because they reduce our choices, but what we really need to be able to do is to integrate the principles into our life so that food can be what it always should be, something to be enjoyed and celebrated and not a chore, or worse, something to be afraid of or merely tolerated because “it’s good for you.”

If we can help you succeed, please contact us, your long-term success is our true joy!

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