Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Strategies

The holidays are here, a time when good food and good company are the focus of so many events, we want to be able to enjoy both, and let's face it...we're not going to completely pass up on all the goodies that are available now, and sometimes only during this season. We should and we can enjoy both.

Here are a few simple strategies:

Exercise: Increase your regular exercise by 20 minutes a day. Yes, it's a VERY busy time and you're thinking "where in the world am I going to find another 20 minutes" especially if you're already in a routine. Well, it doesn't have to be 20 consecutive minutes, an extra 10 minutes twice a day will do just fine. And if you're not exercising in the morning...try and move some of those exercises to the morning as it will keep your metabolism up for the rest of the day.

Alcohol: Of course it's best to avoid it altogether - empty calories that also spike your appetite; but if you're going to indulge, avoid the sugary drinks and stick to wine or champagne - about 100 calories a glass and limit it to 2. Better yet, make it a wine spritzer, with 1/2 wine and 1/2 club soda you're down to 50 calories and maybe you can have that cookie you've had your eye on :)

Buffets, Dinners, and all special foods...mmmmm:
Plan ahead. Keep a food journal, plan for parties by using calorie rotation. DO NOT starve yourself all day before a party to bank your calories, this will backfire and can cause you to eat more and definitely store more of what you do eat. DO keep track and cut back about 200-300 calories/day the day before and after a party. Make sure NOT to fall below 1200/day - trimming calories does not mean starvation, it does mean keeping your weekly calories within range. Start with the veggies and steer clear or limit dips and sauces. Don't hang out near the food, too much temptation there...take those veggies with you while you socialize.

Support: Enlist help,find an accountability partner, program, or friend to help keep you on track. Keeping your goals in mind but don't obsess, have fun and enjoy this very special time of year!

With effective strategies and accountability we can all make it through the holidays without any extra "baggage" to carry into the new year.

If we can help you succeed, please contact us, your long-term success is our true joy!

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