Sunday, August 1, 2010

Switch it up

Plateaus are no fun and maintaining continual progress is hard work. Doing this without additional calorie reduction is challenging, especially because our calorie needs keep declining proportionately with the scale. Now that's depressing! So, let's not cut calories just yet, since we all like to eat - well, at least I like to eat.

Exercise should be the cornerstone of any weight loss strategy, and fitness progression correlates quite nicely. Changing your exercise routine every 4 - 6 weeks will result in muscle confusion which will keep you progressing through those inevitable plateaus, and result in greater fitness gains. Switch from the treadmill to the bike, or the elliptical to the stairmaster, something different but still challenging. Also, make sure it' something you don't completely hate too, there are so many options that there's no sense at all in dreading this portion of your workout.

Now, cardio burns calories DURING exercise, but weight training continues to burn calories AFTER exercise, so make changes to your strength training routine as well. For this, you can increase weights or reps, or do something completely different. Anything that tells your body "oh...this is new".

Change is good, so keep moving and have fun!

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