Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friendships Matter

In an age of technology and a down economy, it's easy to lose sight of what really matters. Friendship has taken on a decidedly broad term with Facebook and other social network 'friends' who are often complete strangers.  In business too, we network with acquaintances and other associates and loosely use the term 'friend' to define what are, at best, tangential relationships. Then, in a down economy, we start transforming those closest of relationships into networking opportunities, thus devaluing the true friendships we have created and relegated them to a potential business opportunity.

It's sad, because true friendships are what really matters. Focusing on developing true relationship skills helps us deepen our personal relationships, and also our business ones. It gives us great customer service skills, phenomenal colleague interaction skills, and will help us grow both personally and professionally. Developing deep relationships helps feed our spirit and we grow into the person we were always meant to be.

Taking time to invest in your friends and family, with no thought of any return, is fulfilling in and of itself. There can be no greater pleasure than being a part of someone else's success, to watch as your words and actions build up and enrich someone else. That is true joy.

Take a moment today to encourage someone. A word, a gift, a service. Do something for them that they cannot (or maybe just will not) do for themselves. Do something for someone who can never repay you, and for whom you would never accept repayment even if they could.  Actively seek out ways to be a blessing to others. Yes, we should keep our eyes open for opportunities that present themselves, but even more than that, we should actively look for opportunities that might be hidden.  When you do this, you'll make their day, enrich their life...and your own as well!

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