Friday, February 10, 2012

Organization Matters

Whether it's your life, your job, or even your workout, organization is a vital part of the process.
A cluttered room or desk can distract your thoughts and keep you from achieving the productivity you are seeking. It can cause your mind to jump from one thought to another, leaving you in a disorganized mental state that mirrors the physical.  The first step is to reduce both physical and mental clutter.

Organize your space. There are many organizational materials, the stores are full of them, but I bet you have enough shelves and drawers to handle most of it. Files and paper are another matter, that just might require a trip to the closest office supply store. But remember, the organizational system has to work for you. There are many ways to file and organize, but it does have to work naturally with your brain. Permission to shop around for just the right item(s) :)

Organize your mental space. Start your day with a plan, put it on paper. Write down the things you need to accomplish for the day, week and month. Don't tie yourself to it, life happens and sometimes items on today's agenda get moved to tomorrow. Then again, sometimes things on tomorrow's agenda get accomplished today so it all works out. But without a plan, we often just spin our wheels and never progress to the next level. Don't forget to plan in fun and healthy activities, things that make you happy and help reduce your stress.

Even for your workout, if you approach it without a plan you will find yourself overworking certain body parts and completely ignoring others. A great workout requires planning and direction in order to achieve your goal.  Whether you choose to meet with a trainer or research it yourself, write down your workout on a card, plan it out and keep track.  Also, remember you can't out-exercise a bad diet, so your fitness log should also include a food diary.  Lots of free apps available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones, or just a simple notebook will do just fine.

Plan for yourself and your sweetheart. Flowers, candy, dinner, oooh, a massage, all great ideas for both of you.  No sweetie this year? Be your own sweetheart. Give yourself a day to enjoy all these things :)

For planning assistance for your business or lifestyle, contact us, we have just the right consultant to help accomplish your goals.

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